What is accessibility?

The easy way to visualise the topic is when described as “don’t build stairs to public toilets”. That’s the analogue world, in the digital world some people have difficulty reading, others have difficulty hearing. Some people see the balance in colours, others can’t.

An effort should be made to present content in formats accessible to everyone. This starts with the government (where there’s a legal obligation for people who don’t understand it this way) but it’s in the interests of any organisation to have an accessible web presence.

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Government Requirements

The UK Government have issued statements which apply to any governing bodies, councils and other publicly funded projects, indicating the responsibility to provide information in formats accessible to everyone.

Creating accessible content can be challenging, it requires taking the time to evaluate what’s necessary and what works well, to avoid confusing your users. There are decision trees which need to be evaluated every time you want to put an image on the page, for example the alt tag decision tree. Every new component added to the website should be carefully evaluated and directly compared against it’s competitors because a large part of the web plugin ecosystem is still not WCAG compliant in 2022.

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